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xPenguin Mall

xPenguin Mall is a shopping website under "xPenguin LTD", mainly providing self-operated software sales, third-party genuine software sales, Linux operation and maintenance services, and software outsourcing services.

Our products

We started to develop our own software in 2017 and have since created multiple outstanding products, including ImgURL, Zdir, and OneNav.


ImgURL is an image hosting website that was launched in December 2017 and has accumulated over 1 million hosted images. ImgURL can quickly convert images into URL links, providing you with simple, stable, and reliable image uploading and direct linking services.



A lightweight directory listing program developed using Golang + Vue3, supporting deployment on Linux, Docker, and Windows. It supports previewing common file types such as videos, audio, and code, making it suitable for personal or startup company file sharing, and can also be used as a lightweight cloud storage solution.



OneNav is an open-source and free bookmark (navigation) management program developed using PHP + SQLite 3. It features a simple interface, easy installation, and convenient usage. OneNav can help you centrally manage browser bookmarks, solving the difficulties of synchronization and access across devices, platforms, and browsers, allowing for deployment in one place and access from anywhere.


Contact US

  • Telegram:xiaozme
  • X:@xpenguin_ltd
  • Email:support@xpenguin.net
  • Blog:https://en.xiaoz.org/
  • Address:Unit 709, Building F, No. 777 East Section of Haike Road, Wenjiang, Chengdu City, China.

Working hours are from 10:00 to 20:00 GMT+8, Monday to Friday.

xPenguin mall

Contact us

  • Address: Unit 709, Building F, No. 777 East Section of Haike Road, Wenjiang, Chengdu City, China.
  • Telegram:xiaozme
  • X:@xpenguin_ltd
  • Email:support@xpenguin@.net